Fruska Gora

Fruska Gora is an island of mountains and national park in Srem. The largest part of Fruska Gora is located in Vojvodina, Serbia, and a small part of sets in eastern Croatia, in Vukovar County. Fruska Gora extends a length of about 75 km and a width of 12 to 15 km and covers an area of 255 km². Fruska Gora in 1960 was declared a national park and thus became the first national park in Serbia. The highest peak is Crveni Cot (539 m). On Fruska Gora is the largest concentration of lime trees in Europe. About 700 species of medicinal plants grow on this mountain.

Some of the many animal species: roe deer, mouflon, weasel, wild boar, marten, wild cat, jackal, rabbit, etc. The most important monument represents a 16 monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church spread throughout the mountain. Built as endowments of Serbian royal family, after, in the late Middle Ages, under the pressure of the Turks, the center of Serbian spiritual and cultural heritage moved north. Fruska Gora monasteries: Beočin, Han, Grgeteg, Jazak, Kuveždin, Novo Hopovo, Privina Head, Old Hopovo, Bešenovo, Velika Remeta, Đipša, Krušedol, Mala Remeta, Petkovic, Rakovac and Šišatovac. Two monasteries that have close historical relationship with the monasteries of Fruska Gora are Kovilj and Fennec.


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