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Friendship Fades Away with Just Flick of Fingers

Some people thought to have real friends in their lives. In fact, it wasn’t. There are so many people are in denial that friendship will stay forever. If you are best friend forever, then there will be no betrayal within the circle of friendship. Through the years, things will shake away the real truth of friendship.

Childhood friends can last forever. Why? There is a possibility that it will not fade away. Even if they don’t see each other for a long time. There’s always a way to be connected when seeing each other once again. It can never break the special relationship.

Once entering into a new world in life such as going to a university, meeting new classmates can be casual friends. But it is a slim chance that we can find true friends out there. However, it is not going to put off the possibility of having real friends. It is a matter of how this friendship will work out through the years of being together.

Once graduated, you are entering to find a new circle of friends. Finding a new connection will not be easy. The reason, some of these colleagues will be a competitor is going to have a higher position. It is the ground of being somebody and follow the pathway to success. Career is always on top of the list and forgets the importance of friendship. It happens and it can never be changed.

Friendship is not always going to stay. There will be a time that they will fade away. We just need to be careful what secrets needed to be kept. Our life is not always an open book. Betrayal is the menace word that could break the friendship. It could be temporary or permanent. Either of this situation, we need to be strong despite the hurting of life.

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  1. My school and university friends are always in my heart but we live in diferent cities now and can see each other once a year or less. I need friends to be in my real life but it is hard.
    Speaking about character I suppose an introvert has less friends but his / her bonding is more stable. Agree with your thoughts.

  2. So true. I find it is very hard to make and keep good friends. I am 52, and the oldest friend I have now I have known for nearly 10 years. I don’t know anyone from 20 or 30 years ago sadly, from my youth. I did try to keep in touch but gave up eventually. People don’t seem to value friendship all that much these days, I find.

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