Four more years?

The world knows that Donald Trump is a racist, ignorant bully who has spent his life stepping on people.  

He is a man with neither empathy nor sympathy and could have been a Nazi prison guard or a slave master in a past incarnation.

If one is white and racist; voting for Trump is expected.  

Perhaps the world didn’t realise how racist America was and is.

In the photo of sheep with Maga hats, however, there need be a black one, and a brown one.

There are many people in America who think if they please Massa  they’ll be alright.   That Trump makes no secret of supporting white supremacists and is anti-Hispanic is well known. 

That there are so many black and Hispanic people who hate themselves should not surprise. 

For the rest of the world, outside of having to hear that obnoxious whiney voice and our eyes assaulted with his repulsive image, we’ll be fine.  Our treaties, our trade, our respect is given to other nations.  We don’t depend on the United States.  

If one recalls the Hurricane Maria in 2017;    Puerto Rico, that territory of the United States,  has still not recovered in 2020.  Dominica, (a sh8thole nation in Trump speak), which doesn’t have American support was up and running seven months after the storm.

The world must recognise that the United States is a far different place than the propaganda it spews. 


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