Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 37

The change in the ganja trade, that is, the insertion of slaves, became the standard.

Every flight would contain three or four men wanting to leave Jamaica.  They might be wanted, might have jumped bail, or might simply think they were getting a free ride.

Unless they were virtually sent for, as Bagga had been, they all came up as expendable slaves.

How long they remained slaves depended.

Some would be selling ganja in someone else’s territory and be shot and killed.

Some would be arrested and charged, and if their identity could be determined, deported.  

Some would languish in jail.   Many would admit who they were, where they were from, and happily be deported.  Others, familiar with the terrible conditions in Jamaica jails considered an American lock up almost an all inclusive hotel.

Some slaves ran away.  If they ran with the ganja they’d be tracked down and killed.  If they ran on their own, there was no reason to chase them.

Many remained in slavery until  the Distro appointed them to be the Distributor of another premises.    Many made the best of the situation, and eventually got a bite of money, and created a life.


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