Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 21

Bagga came in sometime around six in the morning.  Junior had been watching the television.

“I want you to do some work for me,” Bagga said.

“Yea Man.”

“The guys who were in charge of the apartment you were at, Gavin and Trevor?  Well, them escaped, the other guys in jail.   We  gonna take out Gavin and Trevor.”

Junior had almost expected this request, and wasn’t going to debate it.  He just nodded.

“Where yu clothes?”

“Me wash them…”

“Bumbaclaat…I need you now… make me get you some pants and a shirt…soon come.”

Bagga went out and returned with a teeshirt, a sweater, a hoodie and a couple of pairs of jeans.  One fit the best, so that was it.  

Junior put on his shoes, took the coat, and followed Bagga back to the roof, retracing the path they’d made yesterday, then down, to the garage.

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