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Feelings – 6

Arlene changed when Cord broke up with her.  She became brittle, constantly upset, and everyone avoided her.  

But I saw a bit more than just a scorned woman.  I saw a woman teetering on the edge of sanity.

Everyone knew Cord ended the relationship because of his mother.  

We watched, Kleenex at the ready,  at Arlene’s pathetic attempts to try to get back into Cord’s life.  He was polite but had her as no more than a friend.

We wondered, debated, had opinions, then, suddenly, Cord’s mother was rushed to the hospital.  Shortly after, she died.

No one knew what she died of, there were investigations.

The major talk at the time, however, was not that his obnoxious mother was dead, or the cause of death but who wasn’t going to the funeral.

Some said they’d miss the service, be at the grave site long enough to speak to Cord or have him notice them, then leave.

A few said they had to be there from start to finish.


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Written by jaylar

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