Father Knows Best

Who remembers the old television show ‘Father Knows Best’?  I found this old show in repeats on a cable channel and I really like it for it does show how a family could live and how similar it is to families even today in some ways.  This is a show from the fifties, but I still like it.  I also remember watching ‘Leave It To Beaver’ repeats before school.  I am a child of the seventies, but I still liked these old shows.  Here is a wordplay poem about ‘Father Knows Best’.

F is for favorite

A is for all together thinking

T is for teacher

H is for healthy thinking,

E is for educating family thinking,

R is for restrictive at times

 K is for kindness

 N is for noteworthiness

 O is for opportunity to learn and listen

 W is for worthwhile

 S is for sensitive

  B is for best friend

  E is for extreme thinking back then and maybe now

  S is for safe

  T is for terrific; could fit today’s society if given a chance.

What do you think?

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