It is absolute to urge that expecting facts from the biased MEDIA which was trapped and hijacked by the NAMO SARKAAR(Modi Led BJP Govt. in Center) preceding 2014 is not like ;The Last Hope’ but seems ‘The Lost Hope’.The Country which has not been experienced  AS IT EXPECTED ,the taste of our Honorable Prime Minister’s Press Conference must realize the recent past’s 4 Supreme Judge’s Public appearance for the very  1st time  as if a Tsunami ridden justice system in this incredible India.

This unprecedented Situation of ascended credibility of Nation’s Apex Justice System is enjoyed by we the people like some mute spectators sitting inside a walled Room inside a Judge’s Chamber. The Democratic ethos of  the country like India is so down trended that even many Elite Intelligence Communities even did not dare to speak their Heart and Soul Solely. This radical mindset of Media who put threw the 4 Judge’s Public Press Conference as wrong and against the National Interest.

How could they (Media Houses in the Country) thought to forget the supremacy and integrity of Independent Judiciary Body’s legal Ethos ?

As the matter of facts here is that the said Public Press Conference was not meant for the purpose of Media but for a wish to aware every Indian ,a soar truth of influence of our Honorable  CJI with wrong intension in allocation of various cases in the Supreme Court of India.

Is not it logical to put forward the condition of our Apex Body’s Ridden Justice System of a Country to it’s own Republic??

Is not it in the imagination of India’s Incredible Tag line ,i.e.-‘Nation First  that the independent Judiciary is not an integral part of our Democracy???

The real Ring Master of a Democracy ,’We The People’ and therefore’ we the People ‘should also look into this objectionable Press Conference of 4 Supreme Judges not as part and Parcel of internal issues of the Supreme Court but as a Shaken Pillar of our Great Democratic System.If this objection established the truth of allocation of Filed VVIP Cases , then it is absolutely not mere the matter of ignorance but a time to rise above the line of Politics being acted towards the 1st and foremost objective of our Nation,i.e.-‘The Nation First’

The National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2014 as initiated Branding by MODI MEDIA that campaigned against the appointment in the Supreme Justice System of India that the supreme court should not be empowered to decide the appointing system of the country Being the Apex Autonomous Body but it should be done by the Policy Makers of this Country. It has been urged and appealed through the Media Houses of the Country to reach each and every concerned citizen.

Even these hijacked Media did not feel a little ashamed to urge that there should be Transparency in the appointment of the Collegiums of Supreme Judges in the Highest Court of this Country .And even they even forgot to realize the past glorious justice System that India Has been experienced after 70 years of it’s independence only due to demiurge of our holy Apex Autonomous body.

Is not it right to put forward your logical views to our own Republic in the matter of National Interest and Nation Building via the Apex Justice system of the Country????That to not as mere a citizen but as true caretakers of Democracy.

But I still remember that quote of our Dear Prime Minister that the transparent governance is the out put of a true democracy This was spoken during a Public Function in the month of July in the year 2017.It was delivered by our Honorable Prime Minister during an address to thousands of Chartered Accountants OF OUR Country.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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