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Exhibition of Yoko Ono in Belgrade

At the 57th October Salon, the largest regional exhibition of contemporary art, to be held in Belgrade from September 15th to October 28th, will present its artwork and projects to Yoko Ono, who invites women of Serbia who were victims of gender violence to be part of the project ” Awakening”. Yoko Ono offers the possibility of healing to women whose bodies and souls were endangered by the act of gender aggression. They are given the opportunity to communicate their stories publicly. Women can deliver their statements and photographs of their eyes personally or send them by post. She calls on womens to send evidence of the evil they are inflicted with, just because they are women.

On this occasion we will be able to see famous artists such as Takashi Murakami, Anselm Kifer, Tom Saks, Sidney Sherman, Lari Bel, Helen Marten and many others.

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    • Sadly, the violence is, I think, even more present than before.They are mostly violent men who beat or kill their own women and children.There are also women who leave their children they can not take care of…Pedophilia, incest in the family..Sometimes I think that this world should disappear and that it starts again ..Not to mention war confrontations, religious divisions, divisions by color of the skin ..

      • Please keep in mind that there are more people around now so it might seem that domestic violence is rising but it actually on the decline; awareness is up and laws are updating

        It should already be a thing of the past, but we are making serious efforts in that direction. So many problems we’ve created for ourselves

        • Unfortunately, where I live this is all growing…Great unemployment..unsafe life. The breakup of Yugoslavia, there was a terrible war..Life has become stressful ..and there are recipe for violence..murders, various disorders.I think you know that in 1999 there was an attack and bombing of Serbia. And that was where we had great losses and victims.It’s just that, in a person, something is ,,canceled,,…And then, because of his poor life, he was revengeful to innocent people … sadly, they are women, children, friends …

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