Excuse Me Can I Have Your Attention

“Hey Angie” Marvin said ” what are you doing?”

“Nothing but I will have to go to work soon.”

“Okay honey, I`m at work too, we can chat later.”

“Okay, I will text you when I get home.”


“You need to rest now” Marvin said.

” I was about to get to bed.”

“Yes we need to go to bed now.” replied Marvin


“Hello, how are you?” Asked Mark

“On my way to work.”

“Okay My Love, text me when you are free.” Replied Mark


“Wheeeww! Darling you got them men wrapped around your finger” he said with a smile.

“Its still winter, I can play the game, torture them some more.”

“Lord have mercy on them.” He replied still smiling


” Hello Angie” Trent said.




“How are you? Asked Trent


“We keep missing each other, I`m good. Spent the day with this fine man. Shhhhh, don`t tell my scammers.

He smiles because I called him a fine man. “Lord have mercy on those men.” He said.


The drive home was a blur as I relived this day, how nice and comfortable life has became, I want it to stay like today, forever.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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