Everywhere is Here – No – 6

Having received an attack from a Black Woman in America, I checked my  account, it was clear I was in Kingston, Jamaica.  Anyone who took a glance would realise I wasn’t in Alabama or Mississippi.  

Further, if one never heard of Jamaica, (unlikely)  a brief Google would turn up particular facts.  Yet this commentator hadn’t given any thought to reality, she was so angry that I had used a ‘black’ name like Keisha in describing a Front Desk Clerk.

The commentator was not a White Klans (wo)man but a Black Professional in America.  This, of course made the event more Twilight Zone.

I responded in short sentences.

“I live in Jamaica.   In Jamaica the Prime Minister is Black. In Jamaica the Chief Justice is Black.  In Jamaica the Chief of Police is Black. In Jamaica Front Desk Clerks at Five Star Hotels  are Black.”

Of course the commentator never wrote again.  Which was eloquent  enough.


What do you think?


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