Whenever it rains and continues to rain for two to three days,  I started to become worried. Then I will hear the sirens signaling for immediate evacuation.

I would prepare myself.  Arm with my mug, jacket and umbrella,  i will present myself to our principal. Volunteering myself to serve the evacuees of our school.  On the onset,  I will help on the registration table,  list the names of the evacuees and the number of the family members. Then the evacuees would go the room assigned to them.

After the registration,  my co-teachers and I willl checked each room,  count the number  of families occupying each room. Then we help in preparation and distribution of food and relief goods. At the evacuation center, we made sure that there is food for everybody.

When the water subsides, evacuees wouLd go back to their homes. We were left with so much work, cleaning and disinfecting the school. We prepare our school for our students.


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