Eva Peron IV

Even in death, Eva was too dangerous, was the symbol of Peronists and had to be removed from the public eye. When he learned where the body was located, the new president Pedro Aramburu has ordered that it be buried in a secret location, in order to prevent Peron supporters to gather around her tomb and use it as a symbol of a new uprising. After Eva’s body was placed in a truck, Koenig was asleep. When he woke up he found the truck mysteriously surrounded by candles and flowers. Obviously shaken, rather than proceed to the cemetery, on the body is transferred to another truck and drove it to another location to spend the night to the morning again found a truck surrounded by flowers and candles. Now, most people remained sober completed to someone is following you from the beginning and deliberately seamlessly says Eva altar where rests. He concluded that the “force majeure” in question and the body brought with him and preserve him in the attic above his office. It should be mentioned that this man worked for military intelligence. A year is a body standing. When he finally learned Aramburu, a body was transferred to Italy, specifically in Milan, where he was buried in the cemetery Musoko named Maria Magi Magistris.


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