Etched On the Land, Rippled in the Water

This place it speaks

To me

Of memories

And dreams.

It echoes the

Footprints of

Those who have

Gone before me.

It echoes the laughter

And tears

Of generations

Who dared to dream.

The water and the land

They each tell

Their tale

Wrought in laughter

And tears.

Our own stories

Begin with the echo

Of footprints

With Hope and Faith

Sung in the wind.

Our stories

Etched on land

And rippled in the

Water for future

Generations to hear

Echoed in the wind.
(C) Michelle R Kidwell


2:15 A.M P.S.T
Authors Note:  I literally just started writing this, I hope you enjoy!


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  1. I love it! You write so well, I feel the same way, but my poem would be more like this. I like the outdoors, I can feel the history, its nice. I think we should protect our natural resources for future generations Not quite as flowery huh? lol The pictures are awesome love the sights and lil miss with her mom as well.


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