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Earth ~ 365 Photos Challenge #81

Look at the picture below, then guess. What is it?You are right, it is not Unidentified Flying Object, not a hero’s secret facility as well.

Yes, it is an ashtray. The trivial ashtray, but for me, is the unifying of life. ‘Ashtray’ is the purpose of life. Ashtrays are never a problem and become a problem, although sometimes the seizure of cigarettes that ‘perched’.

The ashtray is where the ‘ash’ should be placed because the ashtrays never let the ‘ashes’ scattered everywhere. If you see a pack of smokers gather, find an ashtray there, 80% always there, and its position is always in the center. It is also often encountered when people are deliberating, chatting, visiting, between smokers.

An ashtray is a proof for every cigarette and smoker because inside the ashtray there must be cigarette butts and ash. An ashtray is the center and destination of the cigarettes ‘perched’. In Indonesia, ashtrays are the main treats other than coffee. The ashtray that makes the place to ‘mingle’ is clean. Ashtrays are always printed for many cigarettes, but cigarettes are not printed for many ashtrays. An ashtray is always used when there is a ‘live’ cigarette. Although ‘ashtrays’ are number 2 after ‘cigarettes’ as things are sought and preferred.

Ashtrays are like earth and cigarettes are like SARA (Indonesian abbreviations for tribes, religions, races, between classes). Think of each type of tobacco product; cigar, clove cigarette, white cigarette, tobacco pipe etc. as a tribe, religion, race, and customs, the earth is an ashtray that does not differentiate between pipe, cigar, kretek, and cigarette.

Well, guys, why don’t you take your camera, point out on something, click, then put your picture in this community, and here are the rules and guidelines to join.

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  1. I knew that it was not what the one part looked like. It looked like a meat tenderizer lol. But I knew it was too big, but look at it, and and then think of my answer, and tell me if it does not look like it.



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