Draga Dejanović (1840-1871)

On the occasion of International Women’s Day which is celebrated on the international level, we are here to highlight the significant women in Serbia to their education, emancipation, achievements and ability smashing prejudices and advocated for gender equality, proving that women should have equal rights and conditions. Serbian history records immeasurable number of those ladies who have left a deep and indelible mark, and our list has only 20 selected from this rich treasury of powerful, successful and powerful lady. Draga Dejanović (1840-1871) was our first feminist, writer and actress. She thought that women themselves are largely to blame for the situation in which there are prejudices that are enslaved because they instill upbringing. The only possible solution is seen in an equal education for men and women and children alike preparation and training for the “mental” and “physical” work. She wrote that women,

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