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Do not be angry with me, my eyes (Mi Mu Thimonis Matia Mu)

A severe fate hit the Serbian people during the First World War, when under pressure from Bulgaria and Germany, soldiers had to withdraw from Serbia. They are welcome on the island of Corfu by the local Greek population. According to the legend that at the time of the great tribulation, the love of a Greek woman and a Serbian soldier was born. However, he must go back to war. He knows he’s probably not coming back anymore. In one letter, he sends to his girlfriend the words, which she grammatically corrects and turns them into verses .From the verses a song was created, and one of the best interpreter of this work is Giorgos Dalaras. This song was taken as an anthem of the Greek-Serbian friendship.

Since her brother was a witness to their great love and her suffering after departure, he donated the only field to the Serbian army so that the dead soldiers would be buried. No seed has ever been planted in fertile soil. Subsequently, surviving soldiers made a monument to the Drina Division.

The words of the songs show deep affection and nostalgia, but also that duty and loyalty to the homeland and to their people are placed in front of their own life and emotions. In the original version, a soldier promises to his dear that if he does not survive, he will return to her in the form of a bird. Therefore, he begs her not to be angry and to open windows …

The soldier died at the break of the Thessaloniki front, but the song still lives.

The second version is that this song refers to Greek migrants. They simply left everything behind, even their love, to get a better future for them and their families.

These are the words of the song in English, but you must listen to it in the Greek version. Simply, you can not remain indifferent to this extraordinary emotional performance.

Do not be angry with me, my eyes,

now that I am leaving for foreign lands,

I will turn into a bird and I will come

back again, to you.



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