Democracy – 14 (End)

Maintenance has been, is, and will be the issue with democracy.  People have to be involved and have a strong enough sense of self not to give way to a dictator.

Dictatorships are easy;  someone is in charge, someone makes all the decisions, and everyone goes along with it.

Those who object can be killed or imprisoned or isolated.  Most don’t object because it isn’t worth it.

Although the idea of ‘rights’  always floats about, most people don’t care.  

They will practice the ordered religion or no religion, they have no freedom of speech to exercise because unless it touches them, they have no opinion.  Think of an Office where the Boss From Hell creates Protocols and decisions and no one cares as long as they get their pay cheque.

Dictatorships thrive because the majority is comfortable.   In a Democracy it is only where there is a strong opposition to policies and practices, an opposition which is protected, can such a system thrive.

And that takes interest, effort, knowledge, which many people don’t possess.



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