Democracy – 11

In a Direct Democracy people have to actively participate.  They have to vote.  They have to think their vote is important.  They have to be independent to hear the issues and decide.

As most nations consider it cumbersome to have each citizen decide most nations opt for ‘representative’ democracy where the people elect someone to represent them.  

The person elected is supposed to vote on issues according to what the supporters believe.

In many democracies there is some kind of ‘Executive Privilege’ where in case of emergencies, the Leader decides without much consultation.

If the people disagree they have the ability to vote the leader out of office at some time in the future. In many cases, the leader refuses to leave office.  In some nations the leader can suppress dissent violently, in others, not so violently.

In most 1st World nations, a form of democracy exists.  In those nations in the 2nd World, not so much.   In the 3rd World there are a few nations which maintain the democracy they gained on Independence, but many fall into a kind of elected dictatorship. 


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