Dead Love – 2

That night, Elizabeth, whom Jeff called Bethy, dreamed of him.  When she woke she realised she loved him.

She went over every second of their acquaintance, from the first glance, to  last night, and realised he was perfect.

Later that day they went to the match, seeing and feeling the same things.  

They didn’t want to leave each other, so sat forever at an outside table at a Fast Food joint, then he walked her home.

It was only nine p.m. and people were out side, enjoying the summer night, so there was no romance.  They arranged to meet tomorrow at the Mall at ten.

They were both early, both full of conversation, and although they didn’t use the words, it seemed clear that they felt the same about each other.

They decided to have a date, go to the movies or whatever.  

He would borrow his mother’s car.


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Written by jaylar

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