Dead Love – 14

Raymond married to end the ‘rumours’  that he was Gay.  

Elizabeth, a totally ordinary woman was perfect for the task.  Speaking with her he saw someone totally self absorbed who would not interfere in his life anymore than he would in her’s.

This is what he wanted.

A marriage, virtually in name only, so that he could attend functions with his wife,  flash his wedding band, and thus end all speculation on his sexual preference.

He married Elizabeth and eventually completed the usual sexual interlude.

She became pregnant, had his child, and his ‘work’ was over.

He could now live his life as he chose with his marriage and son as his shield.

Elizabeth was no more part of his life then he was of her’s.  

Raymond felt no real connection to the child and behaved with all the affection a teacher would have for an average student.


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Written by jaylar

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