Dawn's Light – Twilight's Last Gleaming

There was a time, those of us who live in 3rd World Countries, had as many CIA agents snooping around as cockroaches.

Everything we did had to be virtually cleared by the United States which had its big nose into our affairs

Every agreement we made with every state, every comment on issues would be scrutinised.  If a leader seemed too ‘pro’  one of America’s ‘enemies’ a plan to underthrow him was put in place.

Penalties would be slapped on nations which could not afford it,  ‘Benefits’ were rather twisted, such as ‘string loans’ meaning that a nation  was given a  loan which could only be used to buy particular American goods.

Now, Trump is so busy fumbling around, being played by Kim and Putin, attacking reporters, trying to twist the truth, that he has no time to annoy us.

Having no knowledge of just about everything, and appointing people as clueless as he is, allows the Third World not merely to breathe, but thrive.

We can make deals with any country we choose, we can produce products without having barriers placed between us and the market.   

There are few C.I.A. agents bumbling around, few of our politicians have to recite America’s policies.  

Not bad.


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Written by jaylar

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