Dawn's Light – Propaganda (3)

Americans are taught that ‘Columbus Discovered America’.   Americans fully believe this.

To prove that over 100 years before Abu Bekr arrived in what is called the ‘New World’ from Africa is slapped away as a mosquito.

That the Vikings arrived  400 years before may be given a listen because Vikings are White.

That the ‘New World’ was occupied when Columbus arrived,  is ignored.

That the ‘Revolutionary War’  was more a Civil War between those who sided with remaining part of the British Empire, and those who wanted to leave it, is unknown.  Also unknown is the fact that slaves sided with those who supported the British because they were offered freedom.

So much of American history is myths and lies, half truths and deceptions to create some idealised society.  That the rich control America, that free health care, free education, do not exist, and the brainwashed public does not demand them is simply proof of the power of deception.


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