Dawn's Light – Enshrining Mendacity

Years ago, when a report was words on paper and no more, a liar could claim he never said what was reported.  

When the Liar held a high enough position, no one would dare confront.

Today, what is said is filmed.   One not only sees but hears what is said, how it is said.  From the expression on the face, to the tone of voice, one is a witness, and lies are exposed.

Although the President of the United States has lied hundreds of times and often tried to explain his lies,  this last one is a perfect example of his mendacity.

After making the ridiculous statement that disinfectant could be injected, after the world laughing, scientists disproving,  manufacturers warning, the President of the United States now says he was ‘being sarcastic’.

This kind of lying is normal for this President of the United States.  

What is also normal is the mindless support he gets from his ‘Base’ made up of racists, mental defectives, and a sprinkling of people who wish they were white.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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