Crime and Punishment

I am trying to read this classic Russian novel and I am not sure this wordplay will fit, but here goes.

C is for crimes committed by the Russian government and people.

R is for restoring faith for others rich or poor.

I is for various interventions used by all involved.

M is for matters of wealth and love and politics.

E is for excitement for all at times.


P is for pain both emotional and physical.

U is for understanding of various issues.

N is for noteworthy.

I is for interests of all.

S is for safety sought at times.

H is for home and hearth.

M is for memories.

E is for exercising of rights.

N is for nocturnal visits.

T is for treatments sought and used.


What do you think?


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  1. Clever! It is a very long time since I read C&P – I was inspired to do so after it was used by a Philosophy lecturer at University to illustrate a concept in Ethics. Given that i graduated in 1974, that should give you some idea of how well I know the novel today!

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