Cookies and Condos

(Photos courtesy of Caras Mexico….)

The first quote translates to:  Stay with the one who will kiss the wounds no one could touch, the one that will love the short-comings no one accepted, and the one who will awaken the demon that no one knew.

I was recently talking with a real estate agent who is new to the business.  He was an education administrator in Tijuana, Mexico, and found himself interested in real estate.

Since he is a recent immigrant to San Diego, he decided that first, he needed to polish his English skills.  He enjoyed driving, so he worked as a Lyft driver for a while, to practice his English.

He turned his short-coming into a strength. Once he felt confident enough to talk to people, he learned that his personality made up for his heavy accent.

People loved him. They gave him great reviews. He felt confident, and decided to show homes on his own. He went solo.

This is what we all have to learn to do. We need to turn our short-comings into strengths, and transmute all of the pain in our lives into the energy we need to boost our lives, and take us flying to heights we have never experienced before.

We can take small steps if we need to, as long as we are moving in the right direction. We need to look at all of our short-comings as the blessings that no one knew God gave us.

They are like these secret ingredients, that only we have; to bake the best batch of cookies no one has ever tasted before. Life is all about baking.  Life is all about tasting.  Life is all about eating, enjoying, and living in the moment.

Each moment is a blessing, and an opportunity to manifest our purpose in life.

This last quote translates to:  The best age for a woman is when she stops having birthdays and starts manifesting her dreams.


What do you think?


Written by Maria Ayala

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