Conspiracy Theory

People can believe anything they want.  They can pray to a green banana, they can believe the Earth is flat,  I will never try to dissuade them.

If they are ‘anti-vaxers’ that is, people who are against vaccination of their children, I make sure to stay far from them, their children, and keep every one I care about, away from them.

If they  want to take certain ‘medicinal’ herbs,  I might mention they are poisonous, not that they will listen, and I won’t be at their funeral.

That there are people who think Covid-19 is a sniffle or  some kind of  trick, that’s their business.   I would not say a word to dissuade them.  In fact, I’ll even nod.

If they are against ‘social distancing’ and won’t wear a mask,  as I, and everyone I know practices social distancing, wears a mask, and accepts the lock down, I won’t have any funerals to go to.

I believe that those who create these conspiracies have a purpose; they want to cut down on the population. As stupid people who have little value to society will believe any conspiracy theory, their population will decrease.

As intelligent people who have value will not  listen to  worthless blabber, their population will increase.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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