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Who we are? where we come? to where we go? by oscarps

Different possibilities have been hypothesized regarding the future evolution of the human being, among them:

Science now allows surviving people who would otherwise have died, eliminating or altering the process of “Natural Selection”, as well as the existence of global mobility, thus diluting any genetic novelty in such a large population.

Traditional Darwinian evolution has almost no change in humans, and it is very unlikely that it will do so in the immediate future.

The human population is too large and too tangled, apart from selective pressures being too localized and transient. Evolution accelerates when genetically similar members procreate among themselves, but humanity is too large and too dispersed for that concentration.

A line of thought that ensures that the human species has stopped evolving in the same way as other living beings, for different reasons.

There are positions that consider that technological advances are what currently drive human evolution, albeit artificially non-Darwinian.

On the one hand, it has been proposed that the current environment favors the reproduction of intelligent people, regardless of physical strength or health status.

In addition, it is possible for human genetic engineering to select the genetic characteristics of offspring. On the other hand, it has also been proposed that in the future technology will enable people to live as cyborg or even as digital beings within completely artificial bodies or structures.


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Written by oscarps

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  1. Very interesting post. Who are we? Remains an open question, because I believe that man kind is an evolving intelligence! It may go slow. Or so it seems or is it at a faster pace than we think. In these times, nothing is so certain as constant change of technology and many types knowledge has been gained.
    Life, is a never ending story.

  2. Un aspecto de la evolución de los seres humanos que parece ser perceptible es nuestra capacidad para absorber la información visual más rápido. Esto es especialmente visible siguiendo la historia del cine.
    Estoy en contra de la idea cyborg como una mejora. Estoy de acuerdo con Timothy Leary en que el organismo humano (junto con los organismos en general) son más compplex y capaces que cualquier tecnología y sería un paso atrás para tratar de mejorar nuestro genio innato por estos medios.

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