Cards III

Names that gendarmes. knights remained constant and never changing. Jack of Hearts La Ir – Etienne de Vinjoles, a comrade of Joan of Arc, a knight and hero of the French gendarme pixels Holgar Denmark – figure in Danish epic poetry, knight of Charlemagne who, according to legend kidnapped by witch Morgan la Fay. Sister of King Arthur Jack of Diamonds Hektor – Trojan hero, son of Priam and Achilles’ rival who was killed during the Trojan war Jack of clubs Judas Makavejski – hero Jewish revolt against the Seleucid reign in the 1st century BC or Lancelot – another knight from the legend of Arthur, in love with queen Guinevere After French revolution interrupted the practice of printing the names on maps, because it was necessary to terminate as soon as possible with any monarchic insignia.


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