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Cards II

The identity of the queen of the charts is even more difficult to identify some of the kings because they were so familiar. This is the most widespread interpretation: Queen of Hearts Judith – a biblical figure, a beautiful widow who has used her feminine wiles and cunning to cut off the head of Holofernes, the Assyrian army commander. and Isabelle of Bavaria – the wife of Charles VI and mother of Charles VII Queen of Spades Athens – the Greek goddess of wisdom, or Joan of Arc – France heroine of the Hundred Years War, burnt at the stake. Queen of diamonds Rahi – biblical prophet and the prophet’s first wife of Jacob, one of the three great Jewish patriarch, the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Queen of Clubs Argin – anagram word regina which is Latin for queen or it may mean a distorted form of the name Argueil to be called mythical princess of Argos. or Agnes Sorel – the first officially acknowledged mistress of a French king. She was the favorite concubine of King Charles VII. or Juno – Queen of the gods in Roman mythology.


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