Can you picture a world without music?

Music is a must for exercising. It won´t only make you push your limits without noticing. It will also boost your mood. Perform your physical best while you listen to your favorite playlists!

It goes without saying that music is vital to the function of our society and culture, and it’s no wonder why people consider it their bigger supporter and source of inspiration before getting into action. Music moves people! Sporty people use it as a legal drug due to its stimulating effect. Believe it or not, besides boosting our motivation, music can also act as a painkiller! In addition, scientists have discovered that we don’t even need to listen to a song to provoke memories: thinking about it will do. 

Music and workouts

Humans like to run to a beat, and the effects of music when exercising are not to be overlooked. First of all, it will reduce the perception of how hard you are working out during moderate- intensity activity. Music can, as well, lift your mood up while reducing fatigue, tension, anger or depression symptoms. Have you ever heard of stamina? It is defined as the ability to keep yourself active for a long period of time, and music will help you build it up. A good playlist will definitely improve the quality of your workout. 

Trigger the happy hormones

Music is a natural dopamine booster. A hit of it will result in feelings of well – being. Exercise, on the other hand, increases serotonin levels. The combination of these two neurotransmitters will work wonders! Even if our genes seem to account for 50% of our happiness, your lifestyle and choices will determine your life. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Remember that sports are a paradox: they will make you physically exhausted while boosting your mental energy levels. Keep reading to learn how to achieve well – being by combining music with exercise.

Convert your favourite videoclips to mp3

Do not worry if you are not subscribed to a music platform. All you have to do is to pick your favourite songs online! Thanks to Flvto, a Youtube to mp3 converter, you will be able to download the audio of any video you can think of. And the good news is… it is for free! What else could one ask for? Simply paste the link of the audio you would like to convert. After selecting the desired format, a high – quality track will come out directly to your device. As easy as ABC! Stop making excuses and head to the gym. You will be highly rewarded. 

Match your playlist to your workout

Faster – paced music has proven to be effective when it comes to improving athletic performance, either by increasing the repetitions completed or the distance travelled. This means that the tempo will directly affect your workout. The higher the beats per minute, the faster the song. If you are into cardio, you will achieve your best performance by listening to music between 120 and 145 BPM. Same goes for strength training. If yoga is your thing, then go for 60 – 90 BPM songs. 


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  1. I learned at a very early age that the world could not exist without music. People make music up! I remember one time we had a dripping faucet in our home. My brother told me to listen carefully to the “tune”. I’m thinking to myself: ‘My brother is nuts! It’s a dripping faucet! (O.o)’ But within a few minutes, I could hear a tune. My brother’s point was that music is everywhere. He convinced me!

  2. It depends on what you mean by music! You seem to be talking here about pop music, not music as I understand it, which is orchestral or instrumental. I can certainly live without pop music – why should I want to be listening to songs all the time? These people all seem to have little idea how to sing and they are terrible at pronouncing their words so you have very little idea what the song is about anyway!

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