Bunga Boy – 28

A woman of some means may have by chance encountered a Bunga Boy at a supermarket or social occasion, at the beach, wherever.

His interest is if she’s single.  If she is, she goes on his ‘list.’

The next time he sees her, he will go into action.  She will get the warm smile, the soft eyes, the ‘outpouring’  of love and desire.  She is supposed to be somewhat unbalanced by it. 

To confirm the superior/inferior  relationship, he will  at some point, beg something from her.

Whether she gives him money or not, he’ll follow up by asking for her phone number.  He will say he wants to spend time with her.

If she’s not very bright, if she’s needy, she’ll think he likes her.  She’ll think he’s attracted to her.   Not her pocket.

If she has a relationship with logic, she’ll not merely decline, she will be revolted.  She won’t give him her phone number, or desire to spend time with him.

Once she cuts the conversation, the Bunga will move away.  He’ll keep his plastic smile, because he might try again.


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Written by jaylar

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