“Buddhist Master Reveals 21 Rules That Will Blow Your Mind.”

For years I was struggling to find real peace, you know the dream I’m talking about, happiness, never having to overthink things, no anxiety, and physically fit. And the ability to live every moment without being distracted by demons of poverty and hardship from the past or specters of an unknown future.

Those days, I lived with anxiety, insomnia, and way too many useless thoughts going on in my head. My life was just never easy. I guess, one of the reasons I was never truly at peace was because of one particular recurring problem, I couldn’t learn to simply “accept” things, and letting go, without constantly wishing it were different. Because fighting against what is happening inside your mind, just makes it that much worse. Unfortunately, acceptance is a really tough thing to cultivate within oneself, this is because we’re virtually wired to not accept the moment unless it’s 100% comfortable.

So, what can we do?

What helped me, was coming across Japanese Buddhist master Miyamoto Mushashi’s 21 rules of life. Apart from being a Buddhist Master, he was also known as Japan’s greatest ever swordsman. He wrote these profound 21 rules to live by, only 2 weeks before his death. Each rule teaches you to accept your circumstances in life, detach from outside forces you can’t control and be comfortable with who you are.

I find these rules powerful because the only way to cultivate acceptance is through continued practice in your actions and your attitude. In life, there is really one thing we actually have absolute control over, which is the choices we make about any given situation, whether the experience was good or bad. Check out the mind-blowing other rules in this video:


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