Barry's Diaries -92

Madison’s mother arrived, they came out of the Diner, into the car.  Madison told her mother everything, including how Barry got the drift.

“You were so wise to jump into that diner….”

“Mom, I would have jumped  into anything open…the guy really creeped us out…”

“Well, I was going to say something about that crummy venue, but figured that maybe they could fix it up…but it’s really nice where we are, and you guys can sit at your own Teen Age Table…”

In moments they were in a parking lot, then entering the Hotel which was on the waterfront.

Barry greeted his folks then went to use the bathroom again.

He had been completely rattled by what had happened, and needed to get it filed and pasted and out of now.

When he returned Madison asked  him what was wrong;  

“Trying to get this shirt to fit…you don’t notice the neck is just…”

“Let me…” she said, and fixed the turtle neck,  “You should have asked me when you saw me…”

“I didn’t realise how it looked until I saw my reflection in the glass of the diner… and I thought I fixed it until we walked in and…”

“Don’t be so fussy…”

“Just wanted to look good…”

“Barry you look better than good…”

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