Atacama Desert in Chile

The Atacama Desert in Chile is so dry that in some areas the rain never fell.

One of the driest regions on Earth, the Atacama desert in Chile, has undergone tremendous change: almost overnight, transformed from a dry desert in the beautiful garden, where a predominance of purple and pink shades.

For this transformation are deserving of rain in mid-August that have helped thousands of flowers to bloom.

Atacama Desert: What is thousands of years ago was located in the driest place in the world?

This periodic phenomenon in Chilean desert Atakama flowering is well known as Desert (desierto Florida). And as usually happens every five to seven years, the previous transformation Atacama took place only two years ago.

Watch the video of this phenomenon:

From the tourist organizations of Chile said that in the weeks to bloom even more plants, as a kind of bloom later than others.

This flowering is not taking place only in the attack, but in all the deserts that have a large number of flowers perene.

Seeds desert perennials often lie quiet for months and years, completely unnoticed. Only when the rain washes away the protective layer to their seed, start to develop.


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