Are You Superstitious About Death?

You are probably thinking that death is a morbid topic.  For some, it might be.  For others, death is just an everyday part of living. They accept that it comes to us all and there’s nothing morbid about it.  It’s not to be dreaded.  It is the gateway or entrance to another life.  Still, others have a real fear or fears about death. Many of the fears are grounded in superstitions or superstitious beliefs.  Whether or not you believe, the content written on the topic of Superstitions About Death makes for very interesting reading.

#1 So Sad That Such a Beautiful Creature was Tortured and Killed

#2 East, West, North, South? Who Can Hide From the Wind?

#3 I Can See How the Smell of Baked Bread Could Be Distracting

#4 Fortunately I Hardly Ever See Crows. I See Lots of Doves and Pigeons. YAY!

#5 Very Interesting Superstitions About the Eyes of the Dead, Birds, Thunder, Etc.

#6 Don’t Breathe When You Pass a Cemetery. (Really?)

#7 The Soul of the Departed Should Take a Bath (??????)

#8 Don’t Send Christmas Cards the Year After a Death in the Family …

#9 Three Soldiers Should Not Light a Cigarette From the Same Match

Three Soldiers Should Not Light a Cigarette From the Same Match?  Instead of warning soldiers about the dangers of cigarette smoking you warn them about a match?  Some "marketer" came up with a way to sell extra boxes of matches.  It's sad that soldiers must accept the fact that death could happen in an instant.  That psychological weight should not have an additional burden added to it such as an unfounded superstition.

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