Apostle's Creed

Here is another idea I learned in Sunday school.  I remember having to memorize this get confirmed. For some reason we had to take a, believe it or not, a final examination to be confirmed in our church.  I did pass and was confirmed.

A is for Apostle

P is for prayer

O is for opportunities to keep learning 

S is for speech,

T is for again, truth,

L is for one of the laws of the land,

E is for education

S is for spiritual security

C is for compassion shared and shown

R is for reason for believing

E is for elocution of the words; out loud or silently

E is for further edification if needed to understand purpose of

D is for  dying to live forever in his word.

  Not sure if this fits, but saying this at church does make you feel better at times.


What do you think?


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