Anthology unusual II

American “child prodigy” Bobby Fischer who is already in the fourteenth year won the Grandmaster title, and soon marked the termination of long-term superiority of Soviet chess players on the international scene. In addition to the Fischer often comments in the context of his eccentric public appearances, is somewhat less known fact that Fischer in 1970 at a tournament in the city, then at the height of his career, lost the game with the white pieces from the then still  Yugoslav grandmaster Vlado Kovacevic.

The latter was in subsequent interviews emphasized that it is the most important match in the professional practice of playing chess, but no mention Viktor Korchnoi, also participating in the tournament, in his memoirs noted that the key move in that party Kovačević retired at the instigation of the Soviet team, thus implying that Kovacevic brilliant victory of Soviet chess player actually wins. Nevertheless, two years later Fischer to Reykjavik convincingly defeated Soviet champion Boris Spasskog, becoming the eleventh winner of world chess title which testifies to the  Soviet masters still have not found the right way to stop Fischer, this chess genius and eccentric, which according to tradition is not much interested in science, history or culture, but only chess and some ballads Neil Young.


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