Alone, Not Lonely – 6

Being able  to embrace ones own company is of great psychological benefit.  It allows one to learn one’s self.

Many people are strangers to themselves.

They don’t really know what they like or want or think.  They go along with the crowd or their friends or partners.

Alone, they can not function because they have never explored themselves.

There are people who do not know if they like this cereal or  that juice, they eat it and drink it because… and when they are on their own, they might purchase this cereal and that juice until some how they realise they don’t like it.

Often this ‘decision’  comes when they live with someone else who doesn’t like that cereal or that juice, and so, as a chameleon, the person who hates their own company, who can not be alone, will adopt the likes of their new ‘owner’.


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Written by jaylar

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