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All The Pieces Of Me

Dang it! There is Marion he is stalking me! I just knew it, he is at my secret place, no one comes here that I know. Glad I was at the end of my four mile walk so I can make a quick exit.

Smiling and happy with himself, he stops in front of me and says ” I bet you didn`t expect to see me here, I don`t come here much, its so big.”

Yeah this one is big, I don`t come here either but since I am going to the grocery store and I was at the home improvement, I said why not.

Marion said “I was riding through and I seen you across the lake. I knew it was you, you walk fast” he paused and gave my body a look up and down, said “I`d  know you anywhere.”

I wonder if he seen my skin crawl, I told him I had to go, I always want to get home before dark and he grabbed my hand for a shake and held it a few seconds to long, I almost snatched it away. I had murder on my mind as I turned to leave the park.

In the truck I texted my sister, to let her know he is, indeed, stalking me.


“Give me a chance, I promise to make you the happiest woman on earth.” He said.

“Okay, another chance you get.”

I was thinking show me what you got! All the while thinking about what would make me happiest at this very moment, a backhoe, yeah that is what I need and that would make me so happy.

“Shhhh, don`t tell anyone about me.” He said

Looking at those words, I shook my head and hurt myself with an eye roll. Wanna play? Huh? I got this, I will eat you alive.


“Hey, I never know when you are online, I would like to get to know you better, give me the chance?” He said

“Sure, I don`t come here much anymore, but yeah we can chat.”

” Can I call? I can hear you for a minute, I am at work.” he said


So, that is a nice voice! Thinking show me what you got. I`m sure to be clear about the scammers.

Back to texting.

“Thank you, My Love.” he said.


“Angie, call me Angie please.”

“I like Angel better, because that is what you are.” he replied.


Yeah! I got this, just pick up the phone and do it. Ask. I know the answer but I still have to ask.

“Okay Darling, I will see you then.” He said

I smile as I press the red dot to end the call.


“Hey, How are you Angie?” Asked Trent in a message

Yeah its been a day or so since I talked with my voice of reason.

Trent was not online so I blew up his message box with how things are going, my desires and my can`t haves,  and told him about Marion, the stalker.

When I was taking a break from having a mental block about the set up of my next short story, How to kill Marion, the elderly stalker, I checked and got Trent.

I have to say, I have not laughed till I cried in SO long, the Marion and old people need love too thing… OMG!

Then Trent asked ” Why does love keep coming for you?”

“But I`m not looking for a relationship, you know I am chasing my dream.”

“Now don`t get me wrong, true love looking at you, not the scammers.” added Trent

“I don`t know, you tell me.”

“Maybe they see a greatness in you.” replied Trent

“Oh yeah, what is that greatness?”

“Check yourself, its in you Angie.” explained Trent


My God, what in the world is going on?! What greatness is he talking about? Love coming for me?

And could this be “him” back under a different name? Why? Because I won the game?

Dancing alone to the sweet sound of cellos.

“Hey girlie girl, I did make you as one of a kind, don`t worry about all that, in time you will see what my plan for you has always been. Whether its true love or helping someone become legit in the world of corruption. Be still.” Replied God

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry


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