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All The Numbers

That moment when things make sense, when the numbers mean something.

For years I have seen the numbers 6-11 but I never understood them, I often asked people that was close to me or a love interest if they had any meaning in their life and I always got a no.

Tonight I went to run my bath and the time was 9:11 pm, so that got me to thinking. While I was laying in the bath tub the numbers 6-11 came to mind and I had planned to ask someone if the numbers meant anything to him, since he is a numbers man like I am a number woman.


All of a sudden it became so clear 6 = June and 11 = 2011, the year that I began to get this place up, cleaned off and the land usable for planting.

But Wait….

Then it occurred to me to add those numbers and I got 2017. Oh! my mind was blown away. The the year an abuser had to be fully dependent on me, the year he began to suffered for all the bad he did to me, the year life came full circle.

WAIT… there is more…..

I also began to see 9-11 the past few years but nothing came to mind.

A song began to play on youtube “Uprising by Muse” its about taking your power back.

Oh wait… thoughts came, add these numbers 9 + 2011= 2020

Whoa! The first year of freedom and finding me again, my next 50 years.

My word for the year that came to mind when I wrote out my 2020 resolutions is “thrive” and my world has changed. I was freed from my past of abuse.

I made new friends, that is number two of my resolutions. Some that are controlled as I was that I know God will free them as he has me, by using me to help them.

Number one being to write a book, I now have two new books that I am working on.

Number three is new job and I have one and working on another.

Number four is take that wonderful vacation and I feel it coming sooner than later.


When things show up and I can see. Freaking mind blowing.

Or I have went totally insane.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. I know I once tried numbers and I found it fascinating. I still have the pages where I found the numbers for me and for my soulmate according to numerology and it was very interesting. The only thing that still bothers me and I guess always will is the time in the afternoon between 12 and 1 o’clock because he passed away at exactly 12:40 PM on August 17. 2017 and for me, it seemed like the world froze at that time,


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