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Alice Merton – “No Roots”

“I’ve got no roots for my home was never on the ground…”

Occasionally, I work as a driver for a local contractor who temporarily had his driver’s license taken away. Sometimes, I scrape, paint, assist in repairing the roofing on small sheds, and do other light construction.

One day, as I was driving my contractor friend to the local building supply, this song came on the radio. As soon as we arrived, he got out of the truck, and I saw him go into the store, tears began to waterfall down my cheeks. This song touched me in ways that few ever do.

Sometimes, it means everything to feel understood…

I packed up and left “home” for the first time when I was nine years old. I won’t go into too much detail here because this post is all about the song and feeling understood, but I will eventually get my story out. Bear with me and enjoy the song!

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Written by Windy Grace

Windy Grace Mason is a freelance writer and photographer from the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. Her favorite topics are world culture and religions, alternative lifestyles and medicine, the arts, psychology, philosophy, morals, social etiquette and local history. Windy Grace was first published at 14 years of age and also enjoys writing poetry and musical lyrics.


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