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Since I went public this week about my ability to see ghosts/spirits, how they were making my life hard, I wanted to do a follow up since I asked for help and I got it.

By no means do I want to do any medium work, however, I do want to learn how to control what is happening in my world, my life. That is why I reached out and got what I needed.

Now, lets back up a bit and I will tell you a little about what was happening the past few months, since those months I have said ” I had enough!”

Seeing things that are not really there, Or are they?

No matter if I was standing at the stove cooking or sitting watching t.v. at times I would see something out of the corner of my eye that made me think someone was over there.

At times while washing dishes by hand at the sink  that is located in the island, seeing something, so I stared and it was as though I could see the heat rising from someone, like seeing the heat rise in the desert sand but never the whole form of a person, ghost.


Dreaming of people who you do not know, doing things with those people, mingling with them. Or nightmares of people being murdered or someone chasing you and you cannot get away from the person, even though they have not caught you yet. Having strange dreams and then something breaks and it reminds you of that dream. Waking to remember one after another after another dream, sleeping 8 hours but always feeling like I had not slept at all.

The Day I Began To Help Myself



I read each night in bed, I have done this for many years, just a plain old paper novel, I read pretty much anything so it can be a romance to comedy to suspense.

I first thought that the reading was the cause of all the dreams so I stopped for a while and nothing changed.

Then one night as I laid in bed reading, winding down to go to sleep and I seen a man! He was not solid but still he was standing at the foot of the bed, yelling and using his hands in a wild motion like explaining something to me, but I could not hear him! He wore jeans and a plaid shirt. I raised up and I pointed to the door and I said ” Get out of here!” and he disappeared.

The next day I did something that Amy from the dead files had mentioned, salt with a prayer.

The next day I cleaned my house from top to bottom, I took salt and I went around each room, making sure to do closets and corners, salting and blessing the house with prayers, ending with tossing salt out the door to cast out all of the dead, the ghost.

I felt so much better.

A day or so later I went out for my walk, I try to walk daily and I walk the property, the fields, with the dogs. I got 1/3 the way around the field and I seen something running at me and it was fast! I looked up as it went through me, it was the man from my bedroom, he was mad. I stood still a moment and said another prayer and I told him I can`t help you leave me alone.

I never seen him again.

As time came and went it seems like the salt only works for a while and they are back, but I have not seen another as clear as the one man. I followed more advice she had gave on t.v. because she stated that if  someone with abilities won`t help, they, the ghost, will slam them hard, wanting help, and to allow one day for them to come on and allow a prayer and help.

I began to do this and things were okay, somewhat better. But not only was I beginning to see more unusual things but so where others in the house. A man was here, wandering from room to room.

I Do Not Want This!

I am tired. I plan to love to be an old woman, happy and healthy, but I do not want this ghost thing. I don`t know how to help them, I don`t want to learn.

I found someone to help. I took a risk of sounding absolutely insane, I stepped out of my comfort zone.

I remember that Brenda was this Reiki, I had no idea what Reiki was but I heard Amy tell people on her t.v. show to get one and have the house blessed, and more.  I know Brenda only from out writing blogs and following each others blogs. I do not know her personally.

I took that leap of faith we often hear about, I asked her for help. I wrote to Brenda on Facebook and she was glad to help.


That man was wanting help to cross over, She must have helped him because he is gone and from the day the crystal (she sent me to keep with me all the time) entered my life, I see no more anything. I actually sleep and I wake not remembering any dreams!

And the best part, no one else is seeing things/ghosts.

The house atmosphere feels light and nice.

I like this life. I am back to writing, I can get all my business deals done on schedule and I just feel better.

I cannot say enough about how good this feels.

If you are having problems, like I was, you don`t have to go public! Just get in touch with Brenda, 100% confidential and she has reasonable rates.

I wished I would have asked for help 5 years ago!

You may contract Brenda at  she is amazing!

By Andria Perry

Photos By Pixabay

Disclaimer : I earn nothing from giving the email out to contact Brenda, I want everyone to get the help they deserve to live a good life.


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Written by Andria Perry

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