After Abuse – 20

Analysing how the abuse was done is a ‘vaccination’ against another attack.

As an example, Peony was having her second date with Neil.   He was recounting a tragic event.

As her eyes filled she recalled their 1st date when he had told her a sad story and she had cried.

That is when her alarm went off.

She immediately  interrupted him, “Oh, I forgot to tell you!”  she called in a rather loud and giddy voic, “What happened at work today!”  with an idiotic smile on her face.

Neil jerked back, visibly shocked Peony would kick aside his tragic tale and have the temerity to over talk him with this frivolity.

As she saw his anger she grabbed her cell phone, as if she’d gotten a call, smiled,  said she had to leave, and raced out, leaving him alone, at the table.

As she ran, jumped on a bus, she felt she was escaping.  

Having analysed her relationship with her Ex;  who had always tried to make her cry and feel bad for him, she saw the same traits in Neil.   

That he had turned date one into a tear jerker was bad enough;  now to try it again?

Oh yes, she nodded, proud of herself for seeing through Neil.


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Written by jaylar

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