After Abuse – 12

Years later,  Sandy was able to analyse the relationship.  She realised that the excessive ‘love’ Nick expressed for her, a woman he barely knew was a scam.  Was a way to kick down her natural defenses, to make her feel in control.

When Nick was certain of Sandy’s feelings, he broke it off, just to see what would happen.

When he sprang back up, two days later, because she hadn’t analysed at all, she fell for his ruse.  

She ran off and married a man she didn’t know who she believed loved her.  

Looking back, Sandy could see how she was suckered into the relationship.   How Nick hadn’t given her time to reflect and prepare, but captured her, then made her feel unwanted.

And what person feeling unloved and unwanted wouldn’t leap into the arms of a man who loved and wanted her?


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Written by jaylar

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