8 Way To Always Know if Someone Is LYING To You!!

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Gentlemen toady we’re going over the top ten tips to always know if someone is lying to you

Number one, of course, is their story just doesn’t quite make sense they’re telling you something and you’re like it doesn’t seem like the pieces are exactly adding up earth not realistic the easiest way to basically end it is to ask questions. What I find when somebody’s lying to me like selling me some story that I know or I suspect is bullshit I’ll just ask him a question about something specific they said and when that happens at all hell breaks loose in their head the stop line.

Number two is a look at their feet, they’re so focused on eye contact their body language, standing up straight that their feet start to fidget.

Number three they say honestly a lot or believe me or I’m not lying, yeah whatever you say you’re not lying chances are you’re lying.

Number four is they get super pissed when you call them on something they’re like oh you’re lying to me they freak is a freak out there like what how could you I am so offended I’m sure you are.

Number five is they lick their lips because they’re stressed when you get stressed and nervous your mouth dries out and so they’re constantly making those luscious lips.

Number six is all about eye contact now this is a tricky one because sometimes when somebody’s lying to you they won’t actually look you in the eye, but other times when their line they are like like trying not to blink if you can buy one of these tell us where that tell and the story’s not adding up they’re definitely lying.

Number seven they’re fidgeting and they they fix their clothing more than.

Number eight they repeat the question you ask them did I steal your T’s ham no I didn’t steal your T’s Handley a magic unicorn came down and sprinkled amazing youthful, handsome dust on my face this is the reason I’m glowing and looking incredible, exactly if your T’s Handley goes missing you know that somebody stole it, now here’s the deal you can ask around but they’re going to lie because once they get a taste of how incredible it makes them look they’re not going to want to give it back.


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