1969 – The Year of Woodstock

What a wonderful way to end the 1960s with the awesome music festival, Woodstock.

  • This year went down in history as the year of the three-day rock and roll festival Woodstock
  • It was also the year of horror as Charles Manson and his cult members murder actress Sharon Tate and six other making it a horrid event known as Helter Skelter
  • The American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU announces that marijuana is harmless to the user and to society in general
  • Chemical weapon production is banned by President Nixon
  • Cost of medical care begins to rise
  • The first commercial 747 flies the skies
  • The first trans-US flight Seattle to New York is made by the Concord.

World of Music

  • The Beatles perform in public for the last time on January 29th choosing to make an impromptu jam session on a rooftop in England.

  • Hard-rock makes the scene and gains popularity as Led Zeppelin releases their first two albums
  • It is the time of the first hugely successful rock-opera by the WhoTommy
  • Diana Ross bids farewell to the Supremes and embarks on a solo career
  • Scoring his 18th and final number 1 pop hit of his career is Elvis Presley. Altogether he had scored 36 different number 1 hits on all U.S. Charts combined making this a record for rock performers.

  • During a concert in Miami, Florida lead singer of the Doors Jim Morrison was arrested for indecent exposure
  • The MC5 introduce the prototype for punk rock with ”Kick Out the Jams
  • Having career problems the Isley Brothers start their own record label T-Neck and come out with a smash hit single ”It’s Your Thing” which was their first funk record.

  • Two most publicized rock concerts the Woodstock festival in upstate New York and a concert headlined by the Rolling Stones at the Altamont Speedway in California
  • Wynonie Harris who possibly was the first true rock singer in 1948 dies
  • In November 250,000 protesters swoop on Washington, D.C. in a march against war.
  • In December the Selective Service conducts its first draft lottery since 1942 which affects 800,000 males born between 1944 and 1950.


  • The N.Y. Mets win the World Series
  • The New York Jets win the Super Bowl

Movies and TV

  • The time for the youth-orientated movie begins with “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda
  • Academy Award for Best Picture to “Midnight Cowboy” starring Jon Voigt and Dustin Hoffman
  • Best Actor award goes to John Wayne for “True Grit”.
  • A movie gaining popularity is “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford
  • Most popular TV series include Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Gunsmoke, and Bonanza
  • Due to a political controversy, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour is canceled
  • Joining the late night talk show line-up is Dick Cavett
  • Most honored new series is Room 222
  • Making its debut on TV is Sesame Street
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