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1960 – An Amazing Year

  • Location New York City the Peppermint Lounge and rock and roll great Chubby Checker introduced The Twist. What a fantastic dance.
  • The very first felt-tip was presented by a Japanese company.
  • Xerox came out with the first production paper copier machine.
  • The aluminum can came on the scene in 1960 and changed the way American’s drank soda. Remember those pop tops?
  • The U.S. received a delivery of 2,000 computers.
  • A future rich man named Thomas S. Monaghan wanted to open up a pizza parlor in Detroit so he borrowed $500 and guess what he called it? Domino’s and the rest is pizza history. Lucky man.


  • The Miracles recorded ”Shop Around” which became a #1 R&B hit for newly established Motown Records.
  • Roy Orbison makes a giant splash in rock and roll with his first major hit”Only the Lonely”. 
  • Surf-rock comes onto the scene with the Ventures instrumental hit”Walk – Don’t Run” and the electric guitar leads the way.
  • The future King of Rock and Roll gets discharged from the Army and Elvis Presley starts recording the hits.

The Movies

  • The film which most people talked about and which scared many silly that year was Alfred Hitchcock’s”Psycho”.
  • Other popular movies that year were –”Swiss Family Robinson”, ”Spartacus”, ”Exodus” and ”Suddenly Last Summer”.
  • This year the Oscar for Best Picture went to”The Apartment” which starred Jack Lemmon and Shirley McLaine.

Watching T.V.

  • If you were into watching TV the best shows to watch were Wagon Train, Have Gun Will Travel, The Andy Griffith Show and The Real McCoys.
  • My all-time favorite cartoon debuted on TV and was the first prime-time cartoon series which I still love to watch on YouTube – The Flintstones.
  • End of an era when the Howdy Doody Show ended its run after 13 years.

Happy Go Lucky Days

To me the 60s

Meant childhood

Days of happy times

And simple pleasures

The 60s were to me

An era I wished I could have been a part of

To be a flower child

To travel to Woodstock

It was a time

For people to find themselves

Hippie generations

Love and peace all around

Lots of great rock and roll

Came from this era

Lots of good loving

And fun under the sun

Looking back I have to smile

It seemed such a fun time

The 60s like a magical journey

That came with peace signs waving

What do you think?

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  1. lord howdy THOSE were the days I have to say, as I was born 1958 & growing up
    in the 60’s those were the days to remember for sure that’s why I remember all
    the OLD tunes & movies & cartoons & JUST about everything you have on here.

    How I would LOVE to go back to them days cause back then it was everyone
    helping everyone rather you were green grey or blue it didn’t matter back then.

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