Wrong Choices – 21

Years tumbled by.

 Lunatic Lucy showed up a few times.   As Abbey had no life she saved her vacation time so had lots of accrued leave to use to deal with her mother.

 Her brother Eric was run over and died.  She found out about it nearly a year after it happened.  She felt nothing;  maybe anger, for if Eric hadn’t burst in, maybe she’d still be with Matt.

Then Lunatic Lucy overdosed and died.  Again, there was a long pause between the event and her being advised.

So Abbey was now Free!  Finally Abbey had her own time.  Finally she no longer had obligations.

That’s when a good looking guy,  Ethan ,arrived at the office. Abbey gave him an eye, and he looked at her, not with appreciation but discomfort.

She realised  he was in his late twenties, and she was in her fifties.


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Written by jaylar

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