Wrong Choices – 18

Abbey had a brother, Eric,  a large irritable man,  frightening.   He showed up at her workplace,  talking loud and seemed disoriented and dangerous.

 Everyone was looking, many with fear.  Security was called, and Abbey had to announce that this was her brother,   Revulsion was on many faces, even Matt’s.  He stared as if he had never seen Abbey before.  

Then, the manager demanded  Abbey get her brother out of the building. She got him into the elevator, down, then  to her flat to find out what was going on.

Of course, Just like her mother, Lunatic Lucy, Eric couldn’t be left alone, and was too strong to be dragged to any kind of shelter.

Unlike Baron, Matt didn’t call Abbey or show up at her flat.   

He was not the type of man to deal with this kind of confusion.  Handsome, active, for him life was an adventure.   He had no intention of being involved with someone who had a Crazy Brother.

Abbey had her hands full with Eric, and finally got him  settled and returned to work.  She got a wide berth from everyone.  Including Matt, who had moved on.


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Written by jaylar

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